When I Disagree with Christian Friends

When I Disagree With Christian FriendsSometimes I disagree with my Christian friends.

Theologically, I’m a “credobaptist.” That means I believe the New Testament teaches that only those who confess the Gospel should receive baptism. My Christian friends who are paedobaptists believe that the Bible teaches we should baptize children despite having no confession of faith from them (different traditions understand what is happening in different ways).

What I Don’t Do

When I attend a church and there is a “baptism” of an unconfessing infant, I recognize they are practicing error in disobedience to the New Covenant. (The same way that those who believe the children of believers should be baptized would—or should!—state that I am in error.)

Nevertheless, I don’t get up and leave. I don’t throw a hissy fit on social media. I don’t call for the revoking of the pastor’s ordination credentials or call for the parents’ heads on a platter.

What I Do

Do you know what I do?

I thank God for the faith of the parents and the church.

I praise God the child will be raised in the faith and pray for redeeming grace.

I rejoice in the picture of God’s redeeming mercies.

I remember the Gospel and express my thanksgiving.

I remember the patience God has with my errors.

What I Don’t Do

When I see a Southern Baptist pastor commend, celebrate, pray for, or partner with a paedobaptist pastor (something I do myself!), I recognize such is a commendation of someone whose practice contains a serious error.

Yet I don’t post about it with alarmist language, lamenting it as a theological downgrade and the abandonment of the authority of Scripture.

What I Do

So, what do I do?

I rejoice in our shared fellowship in the essentials of orthodoxy, despite important secondary differences.

I thank God for the religious freedom to worship and practice according to our conscience.

I’m grateful that God is patient with my errors in faith and practice.

I anticipate Christ’s return when the church will be resurrected in glory and we will be united in perfect truth and practice.