What’s God Up To? A Praise God Moment

My “Praise God!” moment for the day. We’re leaving tomorrow on a 3,000-mile round trip vacation to Florida. Our tires were due for a rotation, so I decided to take it to Costco despite not having an appointment.

I arrived at Costco at 11:30 am to be told it would be a four and a half hour wait.

I walked to Buffalo Wild Wings (because I’m not a foodie and I’m a rewards member and it was close). They messed up my order, took some off the bill, and gave me a coupon for free wings (at this location only).

I headed to the mall, bought a novel and a latte, did some editing in a writing project, and settled in with my new book.

I walked back to Costco at 4:30 to find my car was up next and would be 45 minutes once it was in.

I headed to BWW to read and redeem my (providentially) free meal and read my book.

At 6 pm Costco called. They finished my rotation. But they discovered a deep gash in one of the tires, which required a replacement. Since we had road hazard warranty, the cost was minimal.

I’d begun to wonder if getting the rotation done was worth it. It felt like a wasted day. Couldn’t it wait until we return?

Could you imagine if that tire had blown on the interstate at 75 mph with my family in the van? Even if we weren’t harmed, could you imagine the inconvenience on our vacation?

Don’t wonder what God is up to in life’s delays.

He’s being kind and merciful and good. Always.