Wave Upon Wave

Read the story behind the song — “The Waves, the Caves, and the King of Grace

Wave upon wave upon wave
Roll in from an infinite sea,
Breaking upon an old pillar of stone
Standing defiant and free.

Day after day after day,
That stone, to the eye, looks the same.
But over the centuries it’s molded and shaped
By wave upon wave upon wave.

Grace upon grace upon grace,
Relentless and constant and true,
Whittle away at this heart once of stone
And promise to form it anew.

Day after day after day,
I fear I will never be changed,
But just as the sea with the stone so with me
Is grace upon grace upon grace.

Age upon age upon age,
Far under this forest of green,
A river was winding through strata of stone
Carving out wonders unseen.

He who but looks on the surface
Will find himself nothing but earth.
But he who descends through the narrow and straight
Finds caverns of unmeasured worth.

Year after year after year,
Unseen in this body of death,
A river is winding and working its will,
A sovereign and life-giving breath.

When I fix my eyes on the surface,
On anger, impatience, and fear,
I miss how he’s carving a vessel of grace
Year after year after year.

Wave upon wave upon wave,
Will give this old stone a new face,
Polished and precious and fit for the King
Of Grace upon Grace upon Grace.

Written by Eric Schumacher and Jeff Bourque
©2017 emschumacher.com / Manicotti Music | All rights reserved.