An Update, a Preview, and a Giveaway

You might have noticed (well…I hope you’ve noticed!) that it has been fairly quiet around the site since 2016 ended. I hope the New Year has been kind to you.

I wanted to provide four short updates on what I’ve been busy with and what you can expect in the month ahead…

A Giveaway

ERLC/Moore GiveawayNow through the end of February, you can enter daily to win a gift package that includes seven books by Russell Moore and a messenger bag and mug from the ERLC.

Enter here.

A Song Award

AS logoI learned last week that the lyrics to a country song I wrote received honorable mention in American Songwriter‘s March/April 2017 Lyric Contest. I look forward to sharing the full song with you in February, along with a few other new songs I’ve written with my friend, Jeff Bourque.

A Sermon Series

RuthIn January, I preached through the book of Ruth over four weeks, while our lead pastor prepared for his next sermon series. That’s the most weeks I’ve preached in a row in a few years. I found it refreshing and encouraging. I love the book of Ruth.

I hope you’ll consider listening to the four sermons, which are available here.

A Songwriting Retreat

I enjoyed a rare opportunity to have a one-day songwriting retreat with my collaborator of eleven years, David Ward. We worked on a new worship song and a few country/folk songs that I hope we can share in the year to come.

(David has written over 500 worship songs. If you haven’t yet, please consider checking them out at Thousand Tongues.)