Women in the Storyline of Redemptive History

Women Have ValueThe #MeToo movement has sparked some good conversations about the value and significance of women, a conversation that has moved into the church in helpful ways (#ChurchToo).

A friend’s tweet got me thinking about the significant role women play in the Bible’s storyline of redemption.

So, for my own benefit, I started jotting an off-the-cuff list of notable places women show up. I stopped at twenty.

I ended up posting it to Twitter as “Twenty observations of women in the storyline of redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation.” (I’ve updated this list to twenty-one observations. The new #4 was just too good to leave off!)

A friend suggested I post it on the blog. So, here it is! (Printable PDF) Continue reading “Women in the Storyline of Redemptive History”