Women & Work Author Interview

The Women & Work Book Club recently read Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women. Last night they hosted Elyse and me for a live author interview. It was a lot of fun. View it below or have

Women & Work exists to see women confidently step into their God-given calling and view their work as meaningful to the kingdom of God. They want to inspire women through conversation and biblical content to honor God, image Him to the world through their work, and leverage their potential for His glory.

The Mother-Daughter Team That Changed the World

The Mother-Daughter Team That Changed the WorldThere are plenty of mothers and daughters in the Bible. But why are there so few mother-daughter relationships mentioned in the Bible, especially compared to mothers and sons? That’s the question a follower posed to me on Twitter last week. While editing a Mother’s Day sermon video, he noticed all the examples of mothers involved a male child. He wondered if there are examples of a mother valuing daughters. Here’s how I replied: Continue reading “The Mother-Daughter Team That Changed the World”