“Did God really say…?” That’s a Great Question!

Did God really say...?Did God really say…?

The serpent spoke those words to the women in the Garden of Eden. I’m finding the question described as the voice of the serpent in so many conversations today. I see proper, honest inquiries—the kind that astute theologians pose to understand scripture and draw precise theological conclusions—flippantly dismissed as “bad questions.” Those asking receive condemnation as those grasping for what they ought not to have, just like Eve. It’s an unfortunate, lazy, and deceptive means of silencing dissenters, and has no place in the Christian community.* Continue reading ““Did God really say…?” That’s a Great Question!”

When I Disagree with Christian Friends

When I Disagree With Christian FriendsSometimes I disagree with my Christian friends.

Theologically, I’m a “credobaptist.” That means I believe the New Testament teaches that only those who confess the Gospel should receive baptism. My Christian friends who are paedobaptists believe that the Bible teaches we should baptize children despite having no confession of faith from them (different traditions understand what is happening in different ways). Continue reading “When I Disagree with Christian Friends”

Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-Up

Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-UpI cringe to think back on the sermons I preached and the blog posts I wrote in my twenties and thirties. (I’m sure I’ll feel the same about my forties, twenty years from now.) I spent my time as a preacher and blogger going after the easy wins and cheap applause. I would criticize and tear down those who were obviously heretical. With rhetorical flare, I damned the behaviors everyone already knows we condemn. I took cheap shots to slam dunk enemies. I labored to make the points I knew my theological camp would give me an “atta boy” for making.

Such behavior is all too common in sermons, articles, social media hot takes, and blog posts. It certainly brings traffic, if that’s what you’re after. (All press is good press. Right?) I’ve come to realize that such behavior is a cheap, easy, lazy, and immature way to do public theology. In short, it’s soft, biblical childishness. Continue reading “Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-Up”