Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-Up

Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-UpI cringe to think back on the sermons I preached and the blog posts I wrote in my twenties and thirties. (I’m sure I’ll feel the same about my forties, twenty years from now.) I spent my time as a preacher and blogger going after the easy wins and cheap applause. I would criticize and tear down those who were obviously heretical. With rhetorical flare, I damned the behaviors everyone already knows we condemn. I took cheap shots to slam dunk enemies. I labored to make the points I knew my theological camp would give me an “atta boy” for making.

Such behavior is all too common in sermons, articles, social media hot takes, and blog posts. It certainly brings traffic, if that’s what you’re after. (All press is good press. Right?) I’ve come to realize that such behavior is a cheap, easy, lazy, and immature way to do public theology. In short, it’s soft, biblical childishness. Continue reading “Doing Public Theology Like a Grown-Up”

The Carol Danvers Statement: A Marvel of Biblical Womanhood

My ten-year-old daughter recently returned from her first overseas church trip. She spent the week in a new culture, trying new foods, and serving the children of friends. Before she left, I gave her a bracelet that reads “Be Brave.” We talked the week before about brave women in the Bible, such as Miriam, Deborah, and Priscilla. We read their stories and learned about how God put them in positions to serve others, gifting them with the courage, strength, and wisdom for the task at hand.

Since she returned last week, our family schedule has prevented me from getting to spend extended time with her and hear about her trip. I decided a daddy-daughter outing was in order.

So, on Monday afternoon, we set out to see Captain Marvel, the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), notable for being Marvel Studios’ first superhero film with a female lead.

Naturally, I wondered what message the film would send my daughter about what it means to be a woman. Would Captain Marvel be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, only with a cape and superpowers? Would Carol Danvers be a snarling feminist, out to erase and flatten all distinctions between men and women? Or would my daughter see a woman who stewards her gifts, strength, and opportunities to help others, to do good, and to inspire those around her?

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I am no expert in the MCU or superhero movies by any stretch of the imagination. I entered this film almost entirely ignorant of the Captain Marvel character and her backstory. So, what did I find?


WARNING: The following portions of this article may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk. Continue reading “The Carol Danvers Statement: A Marvel of Biblical Womanhood”

I Believe Some Wrong Theology

I believe the Gospel.

Some of my theology is wrong.

Some of my theology will be wrong at death.

The Bible doesn’t indicate that God is in a constant state of annoyance with, anxiety over, or suspicion of me.

He patiently loves and teaches me.

How ought we to love one another?