3 Things to Do on Summer Break (Devotion Activity for Kids)

Three Things to Do on Summer VacationThe approach of summer vacation, that wonderful three-month break from school, was always so exciting. We looked forward to extended play with friends, the swimming pool, family trips, camping.

Tomorrow marks my final video devotion for the local Christian school. It got me to thinking about what entering summer break might be like for them. The swimming pool may be closed for a while. They may not be able to play with some of their friends. Little League and soccer could be canceled. Vacations and family trips may be postponed.

So, I wanted to provide the kids with some things they could do even with some COVID precautions in place—and things to keep them thinking and learning about Jesus.

This devotion walks through Psalm 19. We learn how to see God’s glory by looking at the sky, at the Bible, at ourselves, and at Jesus.

DOWNLOAD: These worksheets allow children (and parents!) to record their journey this summer. (Download PDF)

Why Every Pastor Should Read “Risen Motherhood”

This week the book Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments was officially released. I’m excited about the book, in part, because two friends of mine wrote it—Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, the co-hosts and co-founders of Risen Motherhood. (I have the privilege of being a pastor to Emily and a member of the R|M Board of Directors.) But, I’m not excited about Risen Motherhood only because of these personal connections. Continue reading “Why Every Pastor Should Read “Risen Motherhood””

The Same Kind of “Different” as Jesus

Do you want your kids to be “different” from others?

I do.

And I don’t.

I want my kids to be “different” in all the ways that others admire and praise and value.

I do not want my kids to be “different” in all the ways that others mock and pity and despise and reject and ridicule.

God had a kid. Continue reading “The Same Kind of “Different” as Jesus”