“Our Criminals Need Justice” is Not a “Bottom-Feeder Mentality”

our criminals deserve justice“‘Our criminals need justice’ is a bottom-feeder mentality.” So stated Candace Owens in her now-deleted tweeted. Thought she deleted it (without comment), that sentiment is, unfortunately, all too common.

We hear it in those jokes about “prison justice” when someone assures us that a rapist or child-molester will “get justice” in the form of rape, beatings, or murder at the hands of other inmates. We heard it when a fellow inmate murdered Jeffery Dahmer.

But Candance Owens is wrong. “Our criminals need justice” is not a “bottom-feeder mentality.” It’s a biblical mentality and mandate. Continue reading ““Our Criminals Need Justice” is Not a “Bottom-Feeder Mentality””