The Messiah Did Not Come to Flatten the Curve

The Messiah Did Not Come the Flatten the CurveLast night I took a walk. I kept my distance from others, doing my part to flatten the curve.

I decided to forego my current audiobook in favor of music. I chose my favorite composition, Hanel’s Messiah(I enjoy this recording. Here are a few other recommendations.)

I was struck again by the first word of it: “Comfort.” What a needed message in these days of conflict, disagreement, uncertainty, misinformation, and danger. Continue reading “The Messiah Did Not Come to Flatten the Curve”

#TweetLikeJesus: Social Media in the Church

This is the sixth post in a multipart series—#TweetLikeJesus: Social Media to the Glory of God.  For background on the approach taken, see the first post, “Social Media to the Glory of God.”

Human Purpose in the Church

For our purpose, we can look back to the description of Jesus we found in Philippians 2. In the broader context, Paul writes (2:3-16): Continue reading “#TweetLikeJesus: Social Media in the Church”