Hand-Washing as a Prayer of Faith: Psalm 34 and the Pandemic

Hand-Washing as a Prayer of FaithHand-washing. Social distancing. Staying home. Are these faith or fear?

On the first Wednesday of each month, I give the chapel devotion at the local Christian school. They are memorizing Psalm 34, a few verses each month. So I walk through the verses for that month, helping the kids understand and apply them. (In God’s kindness, it’s been an excellent Psalm for preparation for the pandemic response!)

They aren’t meeting right now, so I’m recording a video devotion for them to watch at home tomorrow. I’m hoping it gives the kids the comfort of some routine, a familiar face, and truth in a scary time (as well as a break for parents!).

In preparation, I was reviewing Psalm 34 this morning. I noticed something interesting about the Psalm’s title* and the rest of the Psalm that had application to the pandemic. Continue reading “Hand-Washing as a Prayer of Faith: Psalm 34 and the Pandemic”