“Wear Your Mask and Gloves” — A Parody (Music Video)

wear your mask and gloves parody bob dylanThe world is debating whether you should wear your mask and gloves.

Bob Dylan has a new album coming out.

So, why not make a parody about masks and gloves using one of Bob Dylan’s best songs?

So, following on the heels of “I Don’t Want to Live on the Zoom!” and “Introvert,” I present “Wear Your Mask and Gloves,” a parody of Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love.” Enjoy!

The Messiah Did Not Come to Flatten the Curve

The Messiah Did Not Come the Flatten the CurveLast night I took a walk. I kept my distance from others, doing my part to flatten the curve.

I decided to forego my current audiobook in favor of music. I chose my favorite composition, Hanel’s Messiah(I enjoy this recording. Here are a few other recommendations.)

I was struck again by the first word of it: “Comfort.” What a needed message in these days of conflict, disagreement, uncertainty, misinformation, and danger. Continue reading “The Messiah Did Not Come to Flatten the Curve”

“Introvert” — A Parody (Music Video)

IntrovertI’m an introvert, which means that although I enjoy being around people, it takes energy. Being alone (and being creative) gives me energy; it helps me recharge. (This is a great book to understand me.)

This pandemic season is a weird one for introverts. On the one hand, we can’t have meetings with people (in person). The meetings we do have include an extra measure of energy-depletion (video conferencing). And yet, it’s hard to be alone (in a house of seven people).

So, I’ve been doing some creative activities to recharge my brain.

Last weekend, I created and shared a parody music video—”I Don’t Want to Live on the Zoom.”

I that I’d share another this week—a parody of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt” (which became one of Johnny Cash’s best recordings and music videos).

I hope this brings a little humor to your day. I sure enjoyed it.

Introvert (YouTube Video)

Continue reading ““Introvert” — A Parody (Music Video)”