“Wear Your Mask and Gloves” — A Parody (Music Video)

wear your mask and gloves parody bob dylanThe world is debating whether you should wear your mask and gloves.

Bob Dylan has a new album coming out.

So, why not make a parody about masks and gloves using one of Bob Dylan’s best songs?

So, following on the heels of “I Don’t Want to Live on the Zoom!” and “Introvert,” I present “Wear Your Mask and Gloves,” a parody of Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love.” Enjoy!

Decision-making and Our COVID Response

decision-making and our covid responseDecision-making is a matter of weighing certainty, uncertainty, and risk. That’s true in most areas—career, finances, investing, insurance, relationships, etc. It’s certainly true in our COVID response.

Certain reward with no risk? Go for it! 
Probable reward with moderate risk? Proceed with caution!
Very uncertain outcome with a high degree of risk? Turn back now!

There are various theories on how to make decisions as these conditions fluctuate. There are always outliers—thrill-seekers and cowards. But there are underlying patterns that most people follow in making decisions.  Continue reading “Decision-making and Our COVID Response”

I’m a pastor. Reynolds’ ‘constitutional liberties’ comment concerns me.

I am a proud native Iowan. I love our state motto: “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.” Though a registered Independent, I lean conservative in most political matters. On top of that, I am a conservative Christian, a pastor, and a Baptist by conviction. Historically, Baptists have been strong supporters of religious liberties. The statement of faith of my local church and denomination (The Baptist Faith and Message) has an entire article on Religious Liberty, which states, “Church and state should be separate.”

So it surprises me as much as anyone to find myself disapproving of Gov. Kim Reynolds’ recent comments on religious liberties.

Continue reading “I’m a pastor. Reynolds’ ‘constitutional liberties’ comment concerns me.”