Why Every Pastor Should Read “Risen Motherhood”

This week the book Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments was officially released. I’m excited about the book, in part, because two friends of mine wrote it—Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, the co-hosts and co-founders of Risen Motherhood. (I have the privilege of being a pastor to Emily and a member of the R|M Board of Directors.) But, I’m not excited about Risen Motherhood only because of these personal connections.

I’m excited about Risen Motherhood because I think it is a good and helpful book. I had the honor of reading early drafts of the chapters and providing feedback to Laura and Emily. I found myself repeatedly encouraged by how the person and work of Jesus Christ speak to the challenges, opportunities, joys, and sorrows of everyday life with children. Emily and Laura understand how the message of redemption redeems, informs, empowers, and motivates us to live in a new way.

For Pastors Too

I hope this book finds a readership beyond mothers. I hope that every pastor reads this book. Why? Because, generally speaking, at least half your congregation is female—and many of them will be mothers. Though you may not be a mother yourself, you should understand the mothers in your flock—to know how they think, what they experience, how they struggle, what frustrates and encourages them in the trenches of motherhood.

Reading Risen Motherhood will give every pastor a glimpse into the heart, mind, and life of two mothers. They aren’t representative of every mother. They don’t claim to be. But they’re a start. And they’re a help to you too, because they’ve done the hard work of thinking about and illustrating how the Gospel connects to motherhood. That’s an invaluable resource for sermon applications and conversations with the mothers in your congregation.

Giveaway for Pastors

To encourage pastors to read Risen Motherhood, I’m giving away a copy to a pastor. To be eligible to enter, you must be a pastor who commits to reading the book if you win it. Enter here or through the form below: