My Ministry is Built on the Backs of Slaves

Yesterday, my alma mater, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, released the results of a one-year study—”Report on Slavery and Racism in the History of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

It is a severe and sobering thing to consider:

My formal theological education (and therefore a significant part of my ministry) was built on the backs of slaves.

Without them, my alma mater would have failed long before I arrived.

This grieves me.

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Seeing Down Both Sides of the Street

Several years ago, I went for a long walk in my wife’s hometown while staying there on vacation. As I looked down the sidewalk, I noticed a well-to-do looking woman walking toward me. As she reached the intersection a block ahead, she crossed the street. Then she continued to walk in the same direction. I assumed she lived on that side of the street. At the end of the block, I glanced back. Once past me, she crossed back to my side of the street and continued on her way.

I wondered for a moment at her action. Why had she crossed the street? There was no mud or broken sidewalk or dogs to avoid. Then it dawned on me—she crossed the street to avoid me.

I wondered at that for a moment. Why did this woman want to avoid me?

Then it hit me.

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The Same Kind of “Different” as Jesus

Do you want your kids to be “different” from others?

I do.

And I don’t.

I want my kids to be “different” in all the ways that others admire and praise and value.

I do not want my kids to be “different” in all the ways that others mock and pity and despise and reject and ridicule.

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Leadership Lessons in a Junior High Huddle

Last night, I traveled with my son to watch his friend play in a junior high basketball game.
We sat behind the home team’s bench. The home team was up by six points with less than three minutes left in the game. The visiting team called timeout.
As the home team ran toward the bench, the coach hollered out a player’s name and said, “Run the huddle.” The player didn’t hear him. So, he walked over, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Run the huddle.”

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December Giveaway — Prize List

I’m in the process of contacting winners of my November giveaway. That means it is time for the 12-prize December giveaway to get underway!

Get in the Christmas spirit (with this Christmas carol) and a dozen stocking-stuffers—including books, devotions, journals, Bibles, poetry, memoir, a CD, and bonus prizes—worth over $1,000. (The giveaway is open December 1-17 in hopes of getting the winner the prizes in time for Christmas!)

Prizes were graciously donated by the author or publisher. Please consider following them to learn more about their work.

The Prizes

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What’s God Up To? A Praise God Moment

My “Praise God!” moment for the day. We’re leaving tomorrow on a 3,000-mile round trip vacation to Florida. Our tires were due for a rotation, so I decided to take it to Costco despite not having an appointment.

I arrived at Costco at 11:30 am to be told it would be a four and a half hour wait.

I walked to Buffalo Wild Wings (because I’m not a foodie and I’m a rewards member and it was close). They messed up my order, took some off the bill, and gave me a coupon for free wings (at this location only).

I headed to the mall, bought a novel and a latte, did some editing in a writing project, and settled in with my new book.

I walked back to Costco at 4:30 to find my car was up next and would be 45 minutes once it was in.

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November Giveaway — 25 Prizes over $750 in value!

As thanks for your following and as encouragement to spread the word about the content on this site, I offer regular giveaways.

My November giveaway features twenty-one great resources by female authors and artists. All these resources are produced by women that I respect and have learned from. Plus, bonus prizes activate when we hit certain entry levels. Together, all the prizes total over $750 in value. Three winners will split this prize package.

Most of this month’s prizes are donated by the authors, artists, or publishers. Please follow them on social media or subscribe to their sites (links provided in prize list).

Two Requests

Would you help me by doing two things?

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