On Truth and Sources: A Thought Experiment

On Truth and Sources — A Thought ExperimentA Thought Experiment

You are estranged from your beloved adult daughter due to an unfortunate misunderstanding ten years prior. You long to reconcile and reconnect, to see your family grow in health. So, you write her a handwritten letter, seeking to explain, to invite conversation, and to reconcile. Continue reading “On Truth and Sources: A Thought Experiment”

Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood — My Response to Aimee Byrd

My Response to Aimee Byrd's "Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood"A few months ago, I had the opportunity to read Aimee Byrd’s forthcoming book, Recovering From Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodWhat an incredible, helpful, needed, and insightful book!

I do not have the spiritual gift of book reviews, so I won’t attempt one. But I will tell you what I thought of the book and make some observations. (And, I’ll let you in on a little secret: her book is not ultimately about biblical manhood and womanhood. It’s mistitled. It’s really a book about discipleship in the local church.) Continue reading “Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood — My Response to Aimee Byrd”

When I Disagree with Christian Friends

When I Disagree With Christian FriendsSometimes I disagree with my Christian friends.

Theologically, I’m a “credobaptist.” That means I believe the New Testament teaches that only those who confess the Gospel should receive baptism. My Christian friends who are paedobaptists believe that the Bible teaches we should baptize children despite having no confession of faith from them (different traditions understand what is happening in different ways). Continue reading “When I Disagree with Christian Friends”