One Month of Daily Blogging

One Month of Daily BloggingOn April 23, I decided to blog every day. Today marks one month. My goal is one year of daily blogging. Why?

I’m a writer. I (usually) enjoy writing. I want to develop in all sorts of writing—songwriting, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. You only grow by practicing. Forcing myself to publish daily forces me to write some words daily.

I think through writing. Someone said, “I don’t know what I think until I’ve written.” That describes me. If you bring me into a meeting, spring me with new information, and expect me to make a decision then and there, it communicates to me that you either don’t know me or don’t care what I think. I need to be able to ask questions, process internally, and—most of all—organize my thoughts in writing. Allow me to do that, and you’ll get the best I have to offer. Deny me that, and you’ll get my scraps.

I’m always thinking. I can’t shut my brain off. I currently have a list of over twenty-five things about which I want to write. That’s in addition to several non-fiction and fiction books I want to write. Blogging daily allows me to do a little of that every day. It keeps me learning.

I’m a creator. I love the process of creating something and sending it out into the world. I love the feeling of accomplishing something, finishing something. As a pastor, my work is in shepherding souls. That means my work is never done until the funeral. Hitting “publish” every day means I’ve accomplished something every day. I got it done.

I’m a pastor. I’m regularly dealing with high-stress situations that are beyond my ability to “solve.” I don’t mind that. I’m thankful for it. But it can consume my mental energy in unhealthy ways. Sitting down to think about “something else” for fifteen minutes is good for my mental health.

I’m writing for me. All of those reasons are about me. That’s really what this blog is about—me developing a healthy practice for me. That’s not selfish. That healthy practice makes me a healthier person, which means I’m able to love my neighbor better.

So, really, these posts are more for me than for you. But, if you want to follow along, I don’t mind.