One Man’s Response to “Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women”

Yesterday, I received this note from a gentleman who is reading Worthy. His application both touched and challenged me:

Your book got me to thinking about small things I could do to demonstrate recognition and appreciation for women that I know. So I decided to reach out to people via text, Facebook, and Twitter, and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

So I reached out to 62 different moms today. Three were married family members. Two were the married daughters of my two college roommates who are both now deceased (I knew their dads couldn’t say it). Two were in jail; their moms and the other 53 were single moms. Their ages ranged from 20-85.

70% responded. One mom told me she had just been praying and asked God if anyone remembered her, and then she got my text.

I just wanted to remind them they were remembered. Worthy helped remind me that those acts are important.