My Lenten Gift: Free Copies of “My Last Name”

Free Copies During Lent

(1) I’m giving away 100 Kindle copies on Goodreads. Enter here.

(2) During Lent (as long as Amazon offers it for 99¢ or until I decide to end it), I’m giving away free Kindle copies of my novella, My Last Name, to those who do not own a copy. (If you own a copy, please consider sharing this with friends.) Claim a copy here.

Here’s all I ask:

      • you don’t already own the book in any form
      • only one free copy per household
      • you promise to read it within a week of receiving it
      • you promise to share about the book online
      • if you enjoy it, you will consider “pay it forward” by purchasing a copy for someone else (and maybe consider buying a paperback for your home library)
      • you have a US Amazon account (I’m unable to gift Kindle books to foreign accounts)

Thank you to everyone who has read this novella and shared it! Amazon and Goodreads ratings and reviews are an incredible help! With a self-published book, I’m the marketing department! It’s all on me to promote it (which feels really awkward even though it’s no different in principle than advertising your own business). Having readers who love the work and tell others about it is the best that any author can hope for! I’m very appreciative.