He is Altogether Lovely

Special thanks to Carl Wilburn for this learner recording (download mp3).

Read the story behind the song — “Singing ‘The Excellency of Christ’ by Jonathan Edwards

He is altogether lovely,
Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord.
We delight to see His glory
As unfolded in His Word.
In one person are conjoining
Attributes diverse and grand.
The eternal God and Maker,
In the flesh and form of man.

High, we see the Lion of Judah
Coming in His might to reign.
Low, we see Him condescending
As the Lamb who would be slain.
Perfect justice, endless glory,
And unrivaled majesty
Meet transcendent grace and meekness,
Perfect in humility.

One and equal with the Father,
Absolute in sov’reignty,
He resigns in full submission;
Deepest rev’rence bends His knee.
He, whose is supreme dominion,
Does obey His Father’s will.
He, the self-sufficient fountain,
Trusts in God His needs to fill.

He is worthy of all honor.
He is worthy of all praise.
Yet with patience in His suff’rings,
No complaint do His lips raise.
He, our Judge, the Lion of Judah,
Is our Savior and God’s Lamb.
He is altogether lovely,
Jesus Christ, the great I AM!

Words by Eric Schumacher, based on the sermon "The Excellency of Christ" by Jonathan Edwards (1734).

Set to the tune "Hyfrydol" by Rowland H. Prichard (1830).

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