Justice for George Floyd

Justice for George Floyd a poem

A poem by my friend Andrew Vardeman, originally posted on his Instagram. Reposted with permission.

George Floyd gasped and pled for air,
And Derek Chauvin didn’t care.
Justice comes when Chauvin pleads
And finds no mercy for his deeds.

Chauvin thought he could dispense
Destruction without consequence.
Justice comes when friends of Floyd
Will see his killer’s life destroyed.

Justice comes when Chauvin cries
For having brought his own demise.
Do we have the power, though,
To make him see, to make him know?

What if Chauvin gives a shrug,
Or goes to prison calm and smug?
What if all his life he keeps
His disregard, and never weeps?

Know that someday he’ll appear
Before a Judge he’ll truly fear.
He will know, and he will feel
The weight of what it meant to kneel.

Justice for George Floyd that day
Will mean eternal Hell to pay
For Chauvin or, perhaps, by grace,
For Someone who will take his place.

Jesus died the sinner’s death.
He felt our pain; He gasped for breath.
Justice comes for everyone,
But some will pay through God the Son.