John MacArthur v. the Gospel of Jesus

John MacArthur v. the Gospel of Jesus

John MacArthur is one of the men who God used to stir in me a desire to preach. Over the last few decades, even though we differ significantly in some theological areas, I have benefited from his ministry.

Some things he has said and done over the past few years have disappointed me, but his recent statements on voting are particularly egregious.

In this video, John MacArthur states that if you’re not on the side of Donald Trump, then you’re not a “real true believer.” Moreover, he told this to the President himself—a mark of God’s elect on earth is the support of a particular politician. In other words, if you don’t swear allegiance to Caesar, then you are not in the Kingdom of God.

This contradicts the gospel according to Jesus. It has more in common with the beast of Revelation than the Shepherd King of Galilee.

If you are a Christian, even if you are a Trump supporter, this statement should outrage you, and you should denounce it.

If I said this, I would expect my church to fire me. If my pastor said this, I would ask him to resign.

Update: MacArthur would do well to reread The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel, which was “drafted in the summer of 2018 by a group of evangelicals led by John MacArthur.”

It states:

WE DENY that any obligation that does not arise from God’s commandments can be legitimately imposed on Christians as a prescription for righteous living. We further deny the legitimacy of any charge of sin or call to repentance that does not arise from a violation of God’s commandments.


WE DENY that political or social activism should be viewed as integral components of the gospel or primary to the mission of the church. Though believers can and should utilize all lawful means that God has providentially established to have some effect on the laws of a society, we deny that these activities are either evidence of saving faith or constitute a central part of the church’s mission given to her by Jesus Christ, her head. We deny that laws or regulations possess any inherent power to change sinful hearts.