“Introvert” — A Parody (Music Video)

IntrovertI’m an introvert, which means that although I enjoy being around people, it takes energy. Being alone (and being creative) gives me energy; it helps me recharge. (This is a great book to understand me.)

This pandemic season is a weird one for introverts. On the one hand, we can’t have meetings with people (in person). The meetings we do have include an extra measure of energy-depletion (video conferencing). And yet, it’s hard to be alone (in a house of seven people).

So, I’ve been doing some creative activities to recharge my brain.

Last weekend, I created and shared a parody music video—”I Don’t Want to Live on the Zoom.”

I that I’d share another this week—a parody of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt” (which became one of Johnny Cash’s best recordings and music videos).

I hope this brings a little humor to your day. I sure enjoyed it.

Introvert (YouTube Video)


I hid myself today
To let my soul refill
I sat in my garage
The only place that’s still

I thought I’d go outside
And walk off all my care.
The day is beautiful
But there are people everywhere.

When this all is done—
Pandemic ends—
Everyone I know
Wants to see me again.

But when they let us out
I will be inert.
I’m not antisoc.
I’m an introvert.

I wear this mask and hood
So people don’t say “Hey!”
The extroverts are out
I cannot get away.

Beneath this bed of mine
I try and disappear.
I locked my bedroom door
But they still find me here.

When this all is done—
Pandemic ends—
Everyone I know
Wants to see me again.

So when we meet again,
A million days away,
I’ll excuse myself.
I will find a way.

Lyrics by Eric Schumacher. © 2020 emschumacher.com.
Parody of “Hurt,” written by Trent Reznor.

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