ESV Reader’s Bible — Review & Giveaway

Struggling to read the Bible with consistency, enthusiasm, and understanding is common for Christians. But given the expectation that we read it regularly, it can be a difficult struggle to confess. I found the 6-Volume ESV Readers Bible to be a great help. I think it could help you too.

Here’s my story and why I love this edition of the Bible (and how you can win one!)

I’ve struggled to read the Bible all my life.

In childhood, I struggled to read the Bible with understanding. I recognized the stories from Sunday School. However, I had no grasp of how they flowed as one grand narrative. The Bible became a collection of disconnected stories and verses.

As my faith grew in college, my love for Bible-reading grew. However, instead of fanning that interest into flame, an acquaintance gave me a sheet on “How to Have a Quiet Time.” It outlined steps in Bible reading and prayer to take to grow as a Christian. As though a switch was flipped, Bible-reading changed from communion with God to a spiritual disciplines box to check. (It is amazing how difficult it is to flip that switch back!) Chapter numbers became mile-markers—”just one more and I can stop!”

In seminary, as my understanding of theology and redemptive history grew, the Bible became a puzzle to figure out, a textbook to study in preparation for teaching. A decade into pastoring, this struggle intensified as sermon deadline reset each week. I found myself unable to read the Bible personally instead of preparationally.

A Problem

One remarkable contribution to these struggles is Bible formatting. The Bible, in so many printing, is just not designed to be read. It is intended to be cross-referenced, study-noted, diagrammed, summarized, and dissected—but not read. (Yes, I know—all those things are important aspects of studying the Bible. Don’t hear what I’m not saying!) The thin, onion-skin pages, double-columns, small print, section headings, chapter and verse markers, footnotes, study notes, and cross-reference indicators each work to draw my mind away from the text itself.

A Solution

The Six-Volume English Standard Version Readers Bible has been a help to me in reading and enjoying the Bible. Made with high-quality paper and bindings, it features a single column paragraph format in a clear, readable font.

Using minimal section headings, it is free from all verse numbers, chapter numbers, and footnotes. The six-volume set divides the Bible into six volumes: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels & Acts, and Epistles & Revelation. These volumes fit into an attractive slip-case designed to protect and preserve the investment. (Visit Crossway to learn more.)

Options for Every Budget

The 6-Volume ESV Readers Bible is available in three editions, ranging in price from $500 to under $60:

The sets may seem expensive compared to single-volume Bibles. But, if you struggle to read the Bible in the ways I’ve described, I believe the investment is worth it.

The Result

I find myself reading long stretches of Old Testament narratives and the Gospels, engaged in the stories and not thinking about “how this will preach.” I read New Testament letters in their entirety and one sitting (as the authors intended!) without noting “how many chapters I read today.” I notice myself connecting themes, storylines, and emphases in ways that frequent chapter divisions discouraged.

Two Giveaways

I’ve used the cloth-over-board edition for a few years. Recently, Crossway gave me a complimentary copy of the cowhide edition. So, I’ve decided to give away my gently used (like new) cloth over board edition. See this Tweet for giveaway details:

And be sure to check out my Black History Month giveaway on Instagram to win an ESV Bible Journals New Testament set:


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