Review (and Giveaway) of ESV Scripture Old Testament Journal Set

When our pastor began to preach through the Gospel of Luke last year, we encouraged church members to purchase the Luke volume from the ESV Scripture New Testament Journal Set. I’ve heard from many who have enjoyed using it, not only for sermon notes but for personal study and journaling.

So, I was excited when Crossway announced the publication of the entire Old Testament journal set. I am especially grateful they sent me a full set to review—and a complete set to giveaway (see below).

Each book of the Old Testament is printed in a volume (1-2 Kings, etc. are grouped). The full ESV Bible text appears in a single column on one page, facing a lightly lined but otherwise blank page. Wide margins allow for drawing, note-taking, and such around the text itself. The book lays flat when open. Though each OT book is available for purchase separately, the full set comes in a convenient box for storage and display. (See more pictures and an overview video here.)

This edition of the Bible has multiple uses. Here are two that spring to mind:

Sermon and Lesson Outlines — For Bible teachers and preachers who use outlines (versus full manuscripts), I’d recommend preaching from this edition. The blank page could easily contain sermon outlines and notes. Once you’ve completed teaching through the book, you have a collected edition of your lessons on that book, ready for travel and use.

Prayer Journaling — For those who read through the Bible in a year, consider reading and journaling through this edition (and the NT). Imagine the encouragement to see the previous year’s notes and prayers as you work through the Scriptures each new year.

I’m giving away a full set to followers on Twitter here (but you’ll need to enter fast because it is ending soon!).