Devotion for Children — Coronavirus & Resurrection

Coronavirus and ResurrectionI give a devotion for the children (K-6) every month in the chapel service at Ames Christian School. Due to coronavirus precautions, they aren’t meeting. So, to provide some continuity, I’m filming video devotions for them.

Last week I did an Easter devotion on the coronavirus and the resurrection of Jesus (available here and below).

Next week, I will start a three-week series on the book of Ruth.

You can find all the children’s devotions here. If you’re looking for Easter devotions to watch, please consider this Holy Week series.

Holy Week — Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday — Holy WeekThis post is the Holy Saturday installment of my Holy Week series of video devotions. You may find the whole series here. (For GABC’s Holy Saturday devotion, go here.)

Today’s devotion from Luke 23:56 is available in this post and here on my YouTube channel.

For more, see “Faithful Women and Unbelieving Men.”

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