The Bright Rose of Sharon

Special thanks to Rebecca von Kamp for this recording (download mp3; | Rebecca von Kamp, vocals and piano | Jared von Kamp, penny whistle).

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‘Tis the bright Rose of Sharon
Left dying alone;
All his closest companions
Are fearful and gone.
No crime of his doing,
No fault in his pow’r,
But his love for the sinner
Brought him to this hour.

“I’ll not leave or forsake you
But strength shall supply
To speak life to the sleeping
And call them to rise.
Thus kindly I scatter,
Like seed o’er the earth,
Joyous news for all peoples:
The end of the curse.”

So in faith now we follow
His path to the cross.
For the joy set before us,
We count all as loss.
When all things have withered
The Rose shall yet bloom;
Those who hope in his radiance
Shall flower anew.

Words by Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward.
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Inspired by "The Last Rose of Summer" by Thomas Moore
Tune: Traditional Irish folk song "Aislean an Oigfear"