Biblical vs Secular Justice

Biblical vs Secular JusticeThere’s been much talk this year about “justice” (which the Bible is very concerned about). Being able to speak to justice from a distinctly Christian perspective is necessary if we would be salt and light in a way that results in glory being given to or Father in heaven.

Unfortunately, in 2020 too many Christian leaders and ministries have been concerned with critiquing only one secular view of justice (instead of all of them). At the same time, they embrace using mechanisms developed form other secular justice theories to address social ills. This unbalanced emphasis is harmful to both the church and the world. It can lead Christians to blindly embrace a different secular theory to justice and even promote as “the Christians view” simply because it isn’t the one under fire.

Tim Keller recently published two articles that helpfully define biblical justice and contrast it to secular views (such as Enlightenment Rationalism, Libertarianism, Liberalism, Utilitarianism, Postmodernism, Critical Theory).

I encourage you to read and learn from them: “A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory” and “Justice in the Bible.”