Author Spotlight & Book Giveaway: N. D. Wilson

The winters in Iowa are dark and cold—a long stretch of months during which it gets dark before dinner and imprisons you in the house every evening until Easter. Kids get cabin fever. You (and they) need to escape to another world.

Wilson BooksDuring one winter, several years ago, I found myself spending the evenings from dinner until bedtime reading fiction aloud to our oldest three boys. I had somewhere picked up a copy of N.D. Wilson’s Leepike Ridge. I loved it and finished it in one night. A straight-forward, uncomplicated but fantastic adventure, it inspired me to try my hand at writing a book. (I’m still unpublished—but I’ve got two books down and two more half-written. Thanks for the inspiration, Nate!) I had a similar experience with Boys of Blur.

Since then we’ve read through the 100 Cupboards series and the first three books of the Ashtown Burials series. (I’m waiting—quite impatiently—for the fourth volume and conclusion to the latter, which may be one of my favorite fiction series. I may stage a sit-in at Random House if that doesn’t happen soon.) Jenny and fought over our newly arrived copy of The Dragon’s Tooth, while in the maternity ward with another new arrival. We had both finished it before we went home. We’re now following along in the Outlaws of Time series.

His Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl and Death by Living are two of my favorite non-fiction reflections on life in this world. (I intentionally delayed finishing the first simply because I so enjoyed the writing that I didn’t want it to end. I read the latter on an airplane in the middle of serious blizzard—an experience I would highly recommend.)

In short, N. D. Wilson is now a favorite author of mine. The boxing monkey patch on my book bag signals to those in the know that I’m a proud Polygoner. (I’m not saying he’s perfect. I did experience mild disappointment with Hello Ninja) I’d encourage you to grab one of Nate’s titles and give him a try.

Speaking of reading his books

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