All Things Good

Special thanks to collaborator, David L. Ward, for this recording (download mp3).

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In the beginning,
When no plant was in the field,
You sowed a garden,
Provided a bounteous yield.
We lived with purpose—
You said, “Fill the earth and rule,”
Enjoyed your presence
Walking in the garden cool.

You gave us life,
You gave us blessing,
You dwelled with us,
And You made all things good.

In our rebellion,
Where darkness has left its stain,
We bear our children
And harvest our bread in pain.
Yet we are waiting
For the serpent to be crushed,
Your promise trusting,
As our flesh returns to dust.

Lord, give us life!
Lord, give us blessing!
Lord, dwell with us
And come make all things good.

In our redemption,
You came to fulfill love’s plan,
Dwelling among us
As God and yet fully man.
Through pain and suff’ring
You were planted in the earth
To raise a harvest
Leading us to second birth.

Jesus—our life!
Jesus—our blessing!
You dwell in us,
The source of all things good.

In our vocations,
In moments of toil mundane,
You work within us,
Redeeming our earthly pain.
Our lives we offer,
As our faith flows out in love,
To serve the mission
Of our King who rules above.

You are our life!
You are our blessing!
You dwell with us.
You’re making all things good.

By Eric Schumacher and David L. Ward.
© 2016 Administered by Thousand Tongues.