All Gone

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Story Behind the Song“They Are All Gone!” — A New Song Inspired by Charles Spurgeon


Sins against the Holy One,
Sins against his loving Son,
Sins against his law we’ve done—
Sins against both God and man,
Sins that we have boldly planned,
Sins outnumbering the sand—

What grace! No trace remains.

They’re all gone, all gone.
Far as the east is from the west,
Into the ocean they are cast.
They’re all gone, all gone.
He has removed our ev’ry debt,
Covered our shame and our regret.
They’re all gone.

All the justice we deserved,
All the punishment we earned,
Holy wrath without reserve.
Poured upon the righteous one,
Once for all the work is done,
Now the victory is won.

By Eric Schumacher and David L. Ward.
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