About Eric

I am a husband, father of five, pastor, and proud Iowa-native.

I write songs for corporate worship with Thousand Tongues—including “Not in Me,” featured on The Gospel Coalition album “Songs for the Book of Luke.” I also dabble in general songwriting (with a preference for country and folk genres).

I’m privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for Risen Motherhood.

I also enjoy reading and writing stories. Having completed a novel and novella (both still unpublished), I am at work on a second novel and a youth adventure series for my children.

Social Media — I’d love to connect with you on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, and Amazon.

Contact Me — Got a question or a comment? Here’s where you can contact me.

Writing — If you’d like me to write for your publication, please contact me with details.

Speaking — I enjoy speaking to audiences of all types on just about any subject. Theology, church, songwriting, Johnny Cash—if you’re looking for someone to speak, I’ll be happy to bring words. More info here.

Support — I consider writing a primary vocation (calling) in my life, aiming to devote regular (though unpaid) hours to the work. If you’d like to financially support this work, you may do so through Patreon (one of these days, I’ll get around to setting up levels, rewards, and all that jazz, maybe). Thanks in advance for your support!

Church and Doctrinal Beliefs — I am a member of Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa, and subscribe to its doctrinal statement (BFM 2000).

Enjoy the site. Don’t hear what I’m not saying.

Disclosure of Material Connection