A Tale of Two Bowel Movements

My wife awoke this morning to the sound of our six-year-old yelling from the bathroom, “Mommy! Mommy! I can’t stop pooping, and it hurts!” He explained he had some “sloppy poop.”
Later this morning, my phone rang. I answered to hear the cheerful voice of my friend Anthony. “Hey, Pastor! I had nine bowel movements last night.” I’d never heard anyone more excited about pooping.

I visited Anthony on Tuesday night. He is battling colon cancer. Scar tissue had caused a bowel blockage. On Wednesday night he went into surgery to have a stent placed through the tumor into his colon. The surgery was especially risky due to a weak immune system (thanks to chemo). Even if the surgeon succeeded in placing the stent, they didn’t know if it would work. Nine bowel movements later, things are looking good.
Anthony didn’t sleep last night because he was praising God for life.*
The next time “it” hits the fan, stop consider whether the crap in your life might be a blessing in disguise.
Sometimes poop is a matter of perspective.

*Please add Anthony to your prayer list. They still have significant decisions to make in the days and weeks ahead, as well as cancer. Pray for wisdom, faith, and healing.